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The year that was (EN)

Today I get to turn a year older,a year wiser and a year more excited than before. Like most people i love to write up New Year resolutions at the beginning of the year and revise them quaterly. My birthday happens to fall right at the beginning of the 2nd quarter of the year,which helps me to analyse the 1st, eliminate what doesn't work and improve on what does. My rule is simple; perfect my potentials, especially knowing that perfection does not come in one day.

I have grown to believe that, much as some people are born with the natural instinct to know what they are good at, a good number of us have to attend the school of life to understand and make use of our God given abilities.

Life can introduce you to the people who will help propel you into your purpose; the same life can drag you into frustrations big enough to push you into your true purpose once your head is up against the wall,; still life can throw you into a confusion with which once everything is realigned, you find yourself squarely into your true purpose. Sometimes you just have to be at the right place, right time and purpose will reveal itself to you.

As i write this, am looking deeper into the year 2017 and asking myself, maybe out loud' WHAT DID LIFE TEACH ME this past year?'

One thing I know is that it introduced me to many "firsts" in the world of business and business management. Despite having been an idea in the making for a few years, Kizuri Nipé was officially born (launched) in 2017. Like any other entrepreneur, i had a board with the mission and vision statements, my monthly projections....most import on the board was/is customer satisfaction as i introduce my world to her. My background is in communications and guest relations, clearly i was convinced this was going to be a walk in the park, or finger in the nose as the French put it. Having had a chance to equally display my products in the boutique, i quickly learnt that the psychographics of my customers were of the most importance. Watching a customer move from admiring a product to actually buying it needs a big participation on the part of the seller, understanding the mental resistance and converting it to a sale is actually an art. I have been clumsy about it until the time i became one with my customer mentally, that sales started happening.

Magic happens when a customer realises that you understand her needs and concerns even before she tells you. Then there is the excitement you get when you realize the connection you make with your customer and forge relationships with her.

As i open the first day of my calendar, as i say Happy birthday to ME, i truly feel that i have a lot to be grateful for. My hope and expectation is that this feeling never fades as it forms the engine that drives me to want to not only do more but GIVE MORE.


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