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The beauty of Africa is hidden in the pages of time (EN)

The beauty of Africa is delicately hidden in the pages of time within which knowledge was passed by way of story telling from generation to generation. This knowledge strung together formulated our way of life. It was agreed that there was no wealthier place to be than at the feet of an elder sorrounding a fireplace. This formed the fabric of our people. It is this connection to our past, our origins, that allows us to forge links between people in the community and to project ourselves towards the future with confidence. This has also been a guiding light towards the the creation of Kizuri Nipé.

By proposing women's ready-to-wear clothing, that combines the Western clothing styles with the African fabric, my wish is to be able to create a balance that celebrates what each of these cultures has to offer at its best. At Kizuri Nipé, we will endeavor to open these pages of history, one at a time, in order to celebrate the contribution of this wealth of culture and wisdom. The goal is to share them with the world through fashion and thus write new pages for history for future generations.

Kizuri Nipé was born not only out of my wish to take you on a historical journey in the heart of Africa as I perceive it,live and feel it, but also to make you appreciate all that this journey can bring to our modern lifestyles.

I start from the idea that women by nature like to feel beautiful and that when we feel good inside, in harmony with ourselves, we radiate on the outside.

The way we dress plays an important role in our lives. It is a formidable means of communication that reflects our state of mind, our mood, the constraints of our professional or family environment and our ability to free ourselves from them, just like the Kitenge (also called: the talking cloth) used for the production of Kizuri Nipé clothes.

Also, while there are all-year-round festivals celebrated across the world, we decided at Kizuri Nipé to dedicate our days to celebrating 'the festival of colors' through our womens ready-to-wear collections. My wish at the end of the day is to offer you pieces of clothing that give the "TEMPO" to your days or evenings. I am therefore honored and take this opportunity to officially welcome you to Kizuri nipé.

Thank you for taking this journey with us.


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