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Mothers’ Day is drawing closer here in France though it has already been celebrated in other parts of the world. Let's face it, a mother is someone we get to celebrate everyday.

Growing up, mother is the one person I was afraid of and revered at the same time. She had this look that literally stopped you on your tracks before doing anything you would regret later. Her eyes spoke louder than her voice. She never threatened to punish us whenever we strayed. Her threat was the punishment itself, the kind of person that asked questions never.

I remember breaking utensils and her words were ' let me bring you some more to break' that was a sign of danger ahead. Growing up african, I bet many others can relate. Talking back at her was a No No. It is only mother who could tell you that you are never too old to be straightened to shape and she meant it.​​

Now, many years later, am looking back and wondering what could have become of me had I not have had my kind of mom. Her strictness was her way of instilling discipline in me. Once I remember her asking me why the sun was up and I was still in bed, regardless of the fact that it was a weekend. That was one valuable lesson for me because now I can maximise on the time I have everyday and make the most of it, I get up before the sun. She taught me that before complaining, I needed to be sure I had tried out all the possible avenues and there was no way out. If there was then I had work to do and complaining was not going to get me there.

I call it tough love; the kind that does not let you quit when the going gets tough, the kind that allows you to see opportunity in every challenge, the kind that allows you to celebrate other people's success because there is no room for jealousy but for improvement.

Mother taught me to stand tall whether I was afraid or not. I can go on and on about my mother but the simple truth is that her sense of strength and humour have turned me into to the resilient woman I am today. As I celebrate you mom, I celebrate all the other mothers out there, both present and future.

Happy Mothers Day.

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